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Get More Social Media Shares With These 4 Tips

Social media shares are the currency in today’s digital marketing world. In order for your brand, product, website, or blog to gain popularity, it can’t simply exist in the vast space of the greater Internet.

You need to be on social media right this moment. If you aren’t, then go ahead and claim your Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIn page, Pinterest board, Instagram account, and whatever other social media sites you want or that could be helpful to your company.

Next, of course, is you have to create content. There are many types of content you can make, curate, and even borrow, which can help increase your visibility on social media.

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Can Inbound Marketing Really Help On Finding A Job?

Did you know that you can use techniques from inbound marketing in your search for a job?  Whenever you’re looking for a job, you’re basically selling yourself.

The very first step on any campaign for inbound marketing is to have eye catching content out there.  Whenever looking for a job you need to make sure that your curriculum vitae or resume and your blog has got an edge.

Having a resume is a must.  This would allow your prospective employer to get to know you.  Having said this, it’s vital that you have a good looking resume to give around.  With a good resume, you’d be able to reach out to more.

Now, having a resume is one thing.  Having a blog which shows your deeper thoughts would let people know you better. What better way to flaunt what you have than through your blog?  With this, you need to look at your blog and make it your own personal portfolio.  Call it an online published diary if you will.  A place where you can discuss thoughts, experiences,  things that are relevant to the kind of person you want these potential employers to see.  By doing this, you’re not only aiming to make an impression,  you’re actually moving to brand yourself.  You don’t really have to be a public figure in order to gain an audience.  It’s a proven technique that a lot of people have gained leverage on over the past years.

After preparing these two, you’re ready to optimise.  By optimising, we mean flaunting your content,  aiming for your target audience and search engines as well.  You may be wondering how the search engines play a role on your working career.  Having your blog indexed by search engines would allow recruiters and companies identify you with the kind of people their trying to find.  This is effective with blogs.  As for your resume, you may want to take some caution when optimising for it with your target audience.  I know it’s very easy to look for job listings online.  It would be brutal to apply the mass email delivery just like that.  Your cover letter should be able to take you to a level where your target audience would develop a desire to explore more about you.  Using the conventional mass sending of email approach on your job search would tend to make employers shut their doors on you faster.

You need to put some effort on trying to analyise the type of person who’d be receiving your resume for every job that you decide to apply for.  Taking into consideration the recipient of your application would help you put the tone of your cover letter in tune.  Highlight your traits that matches or complements their exact requirement.

It also won’t hurt to do a bit of research on the companies that you want to apply to.  There’s no such thing as a standard resume for a specific person.  Each of your resumes should be modified depending on the job that you’re applying for.  Your resume should also be published to show your optimised content.  Reach out to networks and use social media for as a medium to show off your content.  It would be good to have your resume posted on LinkedIn and try to engage actively on discussions there as you promote your brand and blog.

You can also use Facebook and Twitter to show off your content.  Just like with any inbound marketing campaign, actively doing this would let you reach further and nominally boost your brand by bringing in movement into your blog.  Certainly a business owner seeking someone with your expertise would be impressed if they find out that you have a lot of subscribers and people making an effort to comment on your content.  You’d look credible to them.

This may involve a lot of work but if you’re really dead serious to find a job in our current financial situation, making use of inbound marketing strategies can help you stand out from the crowd.  Don’t worry if it’s taking you some time to build.  You’d feel the results soon enough.

Finally, when you do get that job you really want, don’t ever think of setting aside your brand building activities.  You’ll never know when you need it next.

What are your thoughts?

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Why you need to be involved in Social Media

Years ago, when websites such as Facebook and MySpace first started, nobody could have imagined how big they would become in such a short time. Nowadays, social networking sites are becoming the best-ever growing Internet segment, having millions of users from all over the world.

Today, social media marketing has an important role to play in business, particularly advertising and marketing . Several years ago nobody would know the word ‘viral video,’ however, now YouTube has become a household name. And with so many channels and avenues, you can find many ways to promote your company. You need to be involved in Social Media, because you simply can’t afford not to.

The key to success is to develop an appropriate marketing combination (traditional and social media)  for any business. Not all the businesses are same and would not essentially gain from the same marketing plan.  You must develop your own social media strategy. Yes, it can be time-consuming. But, once you develop a social strategy, then you can go for developing your networks with consumer interactions – encourage and develop the conversations that develop between you and your customers.

Social media is just that – it’s social! Being in social media means you have to interact with your fans. It’s no longer a one-way communication; rather, you now have to engage your customers directly. It may seem like a scary concept, but now, everyone expects it.  Social networking sites with Web 2.0 technologies are changing dramatically and the way of using the Internet has changed. The one-way connection is transformed into an  active connective medium, thereby permitting users sharing a wide variety of content comprising blogs, videos, photos, and more. Technology has changed – and now so must you.

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Social Media and Your Business: Are You Doing It?

Are you employing Social Media for your business?
Social Media Marketing has become an important part of today’s business environment. Your business should take time out to actively participate in discussions with your audience. Social media can help you in getting a feel for your audience, and really get to know what they want.

Patience is required for building an audience that follows you. Becoming creative at speaking to them is the best way to send out effective messages.

For the people among you, who wish to make use of social media for your advantages please remember: send your message through several channels – FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging to give you a well-rounded message and be able to reach out to a lot of people.

The plan must be to get your name plus product in front of as many people as possible. Your objective must be to prove them that you’re expertise in your own field and your business is the one they must go to.

Now, several huge companies employ people to manage their social media, but you don’t have to – it really doesn’t take much time, if you know what to do. While you need to keep an eye on your social media persona, using an hour a day to check Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites should be enough – you can even preset your updates and tweets.

It is important to build up close relationships with your followers; hence, you should have some sort of image attached to your persona. Promotion of your business, along with yourself should create good faith among customers and project a good image of you.

The good thing regarding the use of social marketing efficiently is, you could begin with single target audience, and then cross boundaries to the other, through spreading a good word-of-mouth reputation.

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Top 3 Useful Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn page

Social Networking has exploded in the last five years, and everyone (and literally, their mothers) are getting in on it. There’s a social network for everything – your personal life, your hobbies, even your pets – why should your business life be any different?  “LinkedIn” is one of the best and useful online sites among professionals. It’s a website designed to connect business professionals and offering them to share information regarding their business, growth, marketing, promotion of product and services. It’s like an internal linked structure where you can find others who you should connect with, so that they can add value to you and help you to grow your career and vice versa.


Get started with LinkedIn


First of all you have to create a profile of yourself. If don’t have a profile on LinkedIn, then you can not access the most important information. Your profile is considered as your online resume, so make sure you add all  the important details to it. An attractive profile will help you to link up with more and more people like potential employers or partners  who will enhance your professional life.


3 Easy Steps to a Smashing LinkedIn Page:-


  1. Profile Makeover – Add your voice to your profile so that it looks more real and interesting, and not boring. Add a professional-looking picture. The idea is to present yourself as if you were going to a professional meeting or job interview. Mention your experiences, your designation, your education and qualifications. In case you are working as a part of a company then mention that as well.
  1. Keywords – Increase your visibility by adding keywords to your profile. Specify words related to your product, skills and company. Also, use keyword in your job title. This will increase your chance of being found when someone uses the LinkedIn search function.
  1. Connections – Search friends with the help of email addresses and add them on the LinkedIn network. Add specialists. Send invitations to your old colleagues to join you in LinkedIn. Get URL and add links, websites, upload video and add applications to your page.

All the above tips are helpful in improving your LinkedIn page. Visit your profile regularly – you’ll see some place for improvement here and there.  Keep it up to date with your latest achievements, since you don’t know when people could be accessing your profile.

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