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Get More Social Media Shares With These 4 Tips

Social media shares are the currency in today’s digital marketing world. In order for your brand, product, website, or blog to gain popularity, it can’t simply exist in the vast space of the greater Internet.

You need to be on social media right this moment. If you aren’t, then go ahead and claim your Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIn page, Pinterest board, Instagram account, and whatever other social media sites you want or that could be helpful to your company.

Next, of course, is you have to create content. There are many types of content you can make, curate, and even borrow, which can help increase your visibility on social media.

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Social Media Policies for Employees

I was involved in a discussion with a group of employees during the week regarding guess what “social media”. But it was the more sober line of best practice and especially when working within the confines of the company walls or cyber walls if you are lucky enough to work from home. I said I would write a little piece to put it in some kind of context.

Social Media Policy is a must for every organisation. There can be different types of policies – certain policies describe the representation of the company by social media marketers, while others are about how employees of company should conduct their social media lives. For many companies, the latter is more important – that is, giving their employees some guidelines as to how they can best represent their companies in their social media sites. This topic is quite controversial – after all, where is the line between professional and personal life drawn?

As a boss or a business owner, you need to be careful when walking this line. However, at the bare minimum,  the personal responsibility of the employee should cover the following.:

  • Employees are accountable for content published on social media platforms, (such as Twitter, Wikis, Blogs, YouTube, plus other user generated media forms) when they clearly identify themselves with your company – such as listing you as their employee your  Facebook Page
  • The updates, photos, videos, links etc. they publish when it pertains directly to your company or proprietary information.

Management should be most concerned about employees blabbing about comprising company gossip, confidential pictures and client information. Personal pictures and comments, however inappropriate, enters a gray area – if your employees are posting pictures of themselves getting drunk at parties or giving their opinion on an controversial issue – these should be dealt with on a case-to-case basis. Of course, without having to say it, hateful, discriminatory comments and criminal activity should definitely raise red flags and be dealt with immediately.

The idea of having social media policies, is that  employees symbolize your company at all times by affiliation, whether they are on clock or not. With the growing social media benefits for using as a means for marketing and believing that social media has been a consistent factor in several employee’s private lives, it’s essential that companies need to have policies for managing and monitoring what is being published and how this reflects the company’s image.  With a policy in position, if workers violate it, your business would be legally in a position to respond. Many companies invest lots of time, money and energy to build and promote their brands,  and these policies play a significant part in protecting it.

Social media can prove to be a positive force for the business. One could make use of diverse social media sites for marketing, using free avenues for letting the public recognise your company and your services or products. One could build unique offers for their products via sites such as, Groupon or Yelp or else his or hers website and Facebook page. A company could monitor tweets concerning his business sent by annoyed customers and rapidly respond, making an annoyed customer  a pleased one.

However, you wouldn’t want your workers to tweet about their unhappy relations with the supervisor or client. Also, you wouldn’t want employees to spend hours looking at YouTube and then share it with everyone else using email. To protect your business, you must have certain policies in position for employees,  that must be followed. You should ensure that employees aren’t saying something slanderous regarding the company on social media sites. You must make sure that nobody violates the copyright and trademark and more importantly, ensure that they don’t post confidential information.

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The biggest mistakes you can do on Facebook pages

I was browsing yesterday and came across this article from www.socialbakers.com . I thought I would share it with you. I think you’ll find it very interesting. It is a touchy topic, but certainly worth looking at if you are in business, starting a business or maybe you want to share information about your organisation.This list of most common mistakes should give you a better idea of how to post on your Facebook Page. They are not ordered by importance.

1. Post too many times a day on Facebook
This could be also represented as spamming their Facebook fans which shouldn’t be done by any means.
Posting too many times a day should be different for brands and media companies. The recommended average of posting would be once a day for a brand (or 2 – 3 times exceptionally if you have a very good announcement). For media companies, the threshold that fans can endure is much bigger, typically in the range of6 – 12 posts per day.

2. Posting the same content again

Reposting – though sometimes recommended by social media marketers, it is not a recommended thing to do. Never repost the same content – and if you have to, make sure that it is always with a new twist.

3. Arguing with your fans

4. Posting too often (close to each other)

This is different from #1. Posting too many times. Even though you might post just twice a day – a common mistake is a social media manager comes in and launches these posts 2 minutes from each other. Saving time? Yes, but lowering the social engagement rate of the page.

5. Posting one type of content

We know you have that website, and you might have KPIs that are aimed at driving people to your site (change them!), but fans are not interested to see only links from your company – we are sure they`d love to see images, status updates, etc.

6. Posting without descriptions

Minor thing – sometimes you just feel like posting that link, photo, or video on Facebook, but you don`t put a description in the actual status update, so the status update doesn’t provide any additional information.

7. Not responding to your fans

This is a big mistake.Facebook is a 2-way communication, make sure you connect with your fans and engage in conversations on your Wall.
8. Responding too slow to your fans

Fans don`t only expect you to respond. When you call customer care, you also expect a response quite quickly. We suggest in this case companies try to get their average response rates to under 6 hours in the first phase.

9. Not using Facebook landing tabs

Every week from now on, we will put a list of the top brands that do these mistakes the most, and also detect some of the best ones using Socialbakers Page Analytics. We have also published another article regarding landing tabs just days ago.

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