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Your LinkedIn Report Checklist

Over the last couple of weeks things have been getting increasing busy online and offline. Summer holidays are officially over! One particular area that is trending is LinkedIn. I get continually asked “how do you attract more clients using LinkedIn?” I know how Gary Vaynerchuk felt when he was hosting Wine Library TV and been asked what white wines go with fish, if you you know what I mean.

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Steps You Can Take to be an Authority in Your Market

Stand out from the crowdJust got off line from a group coaching session. I just love Skype, and one question that came up was, how do I get noticed or stand out from the crowd and become an authority in my market?. It’s not that you want to stand on top of a small hill and shout out to be noticed for the sake of it, but you want to be noticed in a way that it attracts people to a particular service or product that you have to offer. I said I ‘d set out 5 ways to stand out from the crowd and become an authority in your field.

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Critical Steps You Need to Take on LinkedIn

A couple of days ago I told you about a video series that I had just released  “7 Critical  Steps You need to do to get more Leads, Traffic and Sales”.

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Q & A and the #1 Reason why we are all on LinkedIn

In the last few days I have gotten all kinds of questions about my upcoming “Link into Business” LinkedIn Training Course.  In fact, it’s safe to say that I have NEVER had this much interest in one of my courses BEFORE IT WAS EVEN RELEASED. In any case, rather than sending you a long email, I thought I would put this up on my the blog…

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2 Step Formula to LinkedIn Success

Whether you’re looking to start a business, you recently graduated from college, or you are a seasoned professional, you need to be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great resource for those who want to connect with others in their industry, gain credibility and even those who are looking to carve out a new career. There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to using LinkedIn, but what I have found in in my experience teaching all of these groups that there is a formula to achieving success on LinkedIn and that is Positioning yourself and developing your Network.


For every building that stands tall there needs to be a strong foundation. This is also the case with your Linkedin profile. Make sure your profile is 100% complete. That includes having an informative, compelling headline, current professional profile photo, input all your work experience, current and previous, not forgetting a well crafted professional summary statement. You must first establish a strong profile in order to begin building your authority. You want to position yourself as the go to person in your market or industry. Focus on these 5 areas and you’ll improve the overall look of your LinkedIn profile. If you are a business professional and you do not have a solid presence on LinkedIn, you are undoubtedly missing valuable opportunities to connect and grow your business.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site with over 225 million members in 200 countries. If you aren’t networking while on the site, you are doing something wrong. In my opinion Linkedin Groups represent the biggest opportunities to build your network, this is the money maker. This is where you can develop most leverage. But rather than jumping in and asking for the next free drink at the bar, stand back and investigate what particular group suites you and where you can develop the most promising relationships in your field or industry. Once you have established your credibility, I recommend stating your own group and inviting people to join.

By first positioning yourself and networking with professionals, you are opening up countless opportunities to develop your business. As you begin to network and connect with current clients and potential customers, you’ll find the networking strategies that work best for your business. Follow the steps and keep it simple. If you are looking for want more information on this topic you can access my online LinkedIn Training Course Link into Business.

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