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Get More Social Media Shares With These 4 Tips

Social media shares are the currency in today’s digital marketing world. In order for your brand, product, website, or blog to gain popularity, it can’t simply exist in the vast space of the greater Internet.

You need to be on social media right this moment. If you aren’t, then go ahead and claim your Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIn page, Pinterest board, Instagram account, and whatever other social media sites you want or that could be helpful to your company.

Next, of course, is you have to create content. There are many types of content you can make, curate, and even borrow, which can help increase your visibility on social media.

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Revealing 9 of the Worst Ways to Use Facebook for Your Business

Facebook mistakeMore and more people are realising the huge role that Facebook fan pages play in trying to connect and lead people to visit a site. You can make use of these Facebook fan pages to send out broadcast messages leading to your followers walls, entice chatter and further encourage your fans to actively participate on adding content to it. However, there are some mistakes that businesses do as they use Facebook in promoting their businesses.

1.  Posting Plain Text Updates on Your Status

Settling for plain text status updates makes you boring to your followers after some time.  You should try and use innovation to keep the interest of your followers.  Do a combination perhaps or try and switch styles once in a while like posting links to videos or images from time to time.  In the same manner that you’d want your blog to always be interesting by sharing something different each time, the same rule applies to your Facebook fan page.

2.  Mimicking Twitter on Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are two different platforms.  Thus, they should also be treated as such.  You can tweet multiple times in a single day but if you’d consider doing the same on Facebook, you’d end up having your fans hide your updates because you’re starting to get annoying with that much updates flowing in from your end.  Also, you should take advantage of the space that Facebook gives you.  It’s definitely bigger than the 140 characters that we’re allowed to use on Twitter.

3.  Restricting Wall Access to your Fans

You take away the main function of having and using a fan page for business if you won’t let your wall be interactive.   Your page should be a portal where you can broadcast updates about your company.  Through it, you should also know what your fans are thinking about.  What if they have suggestions to share?  Things that can help you improve?  Be sure to check that your wall is able to receive posts from your fans.

4.   Disregarding Comments from Fans

You shouldn’t ignore the posts and shares that your fans are posting on your wall.  Comment once in a while or simply click on the like button to show an indication that you appreciate what they’ve just shared.  If you actively do this, more people would start sharing things to you as well.

5.   Not Sharing Your Fan’s Content

In order to take the burden of producing content for your Facebook posts, sharing interesting content that you find posted can help you buy time on what to feed.  You’d definitely make your fans happy and entice more followers that way.

6.  Having a Profile Image That’s Poor In Quality

Facebook re-sizes profile images automatically to appear on feeds and your wall.  Your brand can possibly be cut off from the thumbnail when Facebook does this and it can really prove bad for the recognition of your brand.  Make sure you’ve got your thumbnail size right.

7.  Not Using Facebook Questions to Get More Followers

This is a new feature launched by Facebook that allows us to put on Q & A’s on our walls and pages.  It’s a sure great way to build credibility up for your online business in terms of catching people’s attention.  It’s really a must try for any business because it’s the only way you could possibly reach out to non-fan FB members easily

8.  Not Sharing Your Business’ Facebook Page on Your Website


If you already have a Facebook page, you should definitely share it on your website for your site visitors – the people whom we’re expecting to become fans of your page on Facebook. Put a fan box or a like box as it is commonly called to allow people to like your page and at the same time stay on your website.

9.   Not creating a Persona

Facebook is a place where people connect with friends and other people of the same interest.   What usually turns these people off  is going to a page that only has sales pitches on it.  Try and maintain a casual tone on your Facebook page and still give that air of professionalism to keep them hooked to you.

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Boost Organic Lead Conversion With Social Media and E-Mail

Social media and email are the key features for any Internet-based businesses. All of us know that most our customers are present on some or the other social media platforms and use emails. Therefore, online entrepreneurs should use social media platforms and emails for boosting organic lead conversion.

Here are some tips that will help you learn more about boosting online lead conversion through email and social media.

  1. Find your customers:

Take initiatives, test the waters, and look for your customers on different social media platforms. The most popular ones are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Make sure your presence is felt on these platforms.

  1. Utilise e-mail lists and attract attention on social media:

Many businesses get extremely confused when they have to get on the social media bandwagon. Updated e-mail lists are an answer to this problem. Your subscribers should be emailed and informed about your presence on social media platforms. This will get you started. Provide subscribers with content which is relevant, valuable, and interesting.

  1. Restructured newsletters:

In the social media race, good content is extremely important. Instead of creating brand new content, engage subscribers through content which is interesting. Provide them with interesting snippets from existing newsletters. Use these snippets as teasers for your articles, blog posts, or archived newsletters. Subscribers will surely read the remaining parts of the snippet on your website.

  1. Attract subscribers to your blog or website:

Social media sites act like satellites for your online business. They make your business presence felt. While publishing on social media sites, you must include links which direct readers to your website, blog, or newsletter archives. This is how people will discover more regarding your company. Potential customers must be engaged at levels that are deeper from the social media platform, not just for sales purposes. Use email and social media as a medium for sharing expertise and information.

  1. Invite people to be a part of your mailing list:

You must use the social media for inviting people to subscribe to your digests and newsletters. For example, you can add links on your Facebook fan page that direct users and fans to your sign-up page and website.

These tips will surely help you amplify your customer base and boost organic conversions. Tap social media and email platforms sensibly and engage customers for better profit generation. Make sure you are not bombarding your subscribers with several emails and social media posts every hour; this will only drive them away. Once you have been able to set your base, work towards boosting your organic leads gradually.

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Mistakes Made By Companies on Facebook

Social media platforms can easily work against you. However, if you if you use them correctly, they can greatly benefit your brand. To obtain benefits from social media platforms like Facebook, you must realize the importance of its tools. Every small mistake counts and will stunt the growth of your brand. Here are a few common blunders made by brands, while they promote themselves on Facebook.

1. Not Designing a Clear Purpose or Plan

Social media tools are mostly free, but several brands jump into the social media bandwagon before designing a clear plan. Creating a Facebook Fan page is a matter of clicking a few times, but you must spend a few minutes considering the purpose of this page. Your purpose should be getting more exposure online, converting visitors into potential customers or encouraging discussion. After defining clear goals, plan to achieve those through flexible measures.

2. Using Facebook Profile Pages and Not Business Pages

Many brands use Facebook profiles for business, and not a business Page. Profiles don’t have a ‘Like’ tab. Likes don’t have to be approved manually unlike adding friends. Facebook widgets allow Pages to be incorporated onto websites; you can’t use these with Facebook profiles.  For better results you must get a business page. The Facebook’s User Guide will help you create a business page.

3. Fanpage Usernames

You must have a username like http://Facebook.com/X instead of long URLs. Usernames help fans to locate your Page. Choosing a username, which is catchy and close to your brand, will help. To get a username for your Page, you must have 25 fans. Start by asking your friends to ‘Like’ your Page and you will easily get 25 fans. I don’t think this the case anymore, maybe somebody can help me out on this one?

4. Failing to Follow Facebook Rules

Not adhering to Facebook guidelines, while using Pages, will make you permanently lose your account. Several Facebook Pages have been recently disabled as they were displaying promotions on their Pages. Brands must go through Facebook guidelines, to allow better functioning of a Fan Page. Brands must also read the Facebook Advertising Rules for further details.

5. Inconsistent Updates

Success through social media needs patience. You may not attract several fans within a matter of few days of making the page. However, success will come your way if you are consistent with your updates. Manual updates are the best, however, you may seldom use the RSS for automatic posts. However, don’t bomb your fans with posts every two minutes. Your updates must be spaced out and fairly regular.

6. Not Allowing Discussions on Your Wall

The basic use of a Facebook Wall/Page is to allow two way discussions. You can broadcast your updates, and keep it open for conversations. However, you must be a good listener to allow your fans to speak. You are free to post interesting photos, content and videos, contests and polls which will encourage fans to freely express words. You should also let your Fans write their posts on your Wall.

7. Not Devoting Adequate Resources

A Facebook page is not the ultimate thing. The actual test starts after you begin using these tools and this is when brands understand that Facebook is not totally free. Certain additional investments must be considered. You will have to invest extra time and money to manage your Fan page, update your page, reply to posts and keep your Fans entertained. If you are not in a position to invest these things, don’t create a page.

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The Demographics of Social Media

Ref: Advertising AGE

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