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Get More Social Media Shares With These 4 Tips

Social media shares are the currency in today’s digital marketing world. In order for your brand, product, website, or blog to gain popularity, it can’t simply exist in the vast space of the greater Internet.

You need to be on social media right this moment. If you aren’t, then go ahead and claim your Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIn page, Pinterest board, Instagram account, and whatever other social media sites you want or that could be helpful to your company.

Next, of course, is you have to create content. There are many types of content you can make, curate, and even borrow, which can help increase your visibility on social media.

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6 Easy Steps to Creating A Content Marketing Plan

Are you making the most of your blog posts, photos, and social posts with a content marketing plan?

They say these days that content is king. Anyone and everyone can create content, but few know what to do with it.That is why many companies today creating their own content marketing plan, so they can take full advantage of content marketing can do for their business.

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Organising Content for Your Social Media Marketing

As I continue my quest to connecting online, there’s one thing that that I’ve found more common in occurrence be it on Facebook or on Twitter.  It’s that people tend to over post and publish information without any regard if it’s relevant to the people they’re connected with.  What happens is that as the continuous influx of information comes in, people like me tend to not want to read these overkill postings.  For me it’s really a big bonus whenever I do get to land on valuable content on my wall.

Everything drills down to one thing at the end of the day – content.  And I’m talking about content of value that can either be interesting in itself or helpful for me.  I have this constant belief that business within the social media circle always has something worthwhile to share and don’t just post at whim.  Everything’s planned and placed in a calendar accordingly.

Some people do it on a monthly basis.  Others do it for the entire year.  It really helps if you’ve programmed your calendar of activities properly so that you can clearly see the path you go for any given year.

The good part about keeping a calendar for content is that you get to lay down things in a manner with which you can see the harmony and continuity of the information you’re planning to impart to your followers.  You get to list down the path you believe would bring your marketing agenda to its ultimate success.

It also helps you plan ahead.  Producing content might seem easy but it’s not as easy as it sounds.  By creating a skeletal framework of the content you’re going to produce, you can make the most out of your topic.  Having a calendar allows you to plan how you distribute your content, plan when you need to write that content and plan when to promote it to different social channels.

Creating a calendar will allow you to micro plan your content making the information you’re about to share more detailed and allow a seamless flow of thought.

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Content Curation: The Future of SEO

“Content is King.” It will always be the chief motivating force behind the Internet. But most recently,  content curation has increasingly becoming popular. The talk about content curation has been spreading like wildfire since last year. It may be a great alternative to blogging, or an addition to build upon an existing blog.

Content curation aims to determine, showcase and make known to the public a collection of the “best of the internet” for a specific niche. The main concept is to add value to the information you came across and would like to share to with your online community. It’s also an easy way to create original content, built upon existing works.

The model of content curation is very simple — when you come across something that you find interesting, beneficial, and appropriate to your site, you can cite a passage from the information, and then discuss it, react to it, add to it, or question it, as long as you provide the link to the information.

To effectively find and organise the most relevant content from the internet, you need to specify your niche, understand it and identify the statistics of the population who visit your site. Whether your niche falls on travel, photography, Internet marketing, or social media, somebody out there is surely curating quality content around your niche.

Content curation is highly recommended for your unique voice to stand out and be heard. The competition for attention and traffic is too arduous, you cannot depend on your visitors that they will stick around long enough. They will probably visit your website once but never return.

Aside from being heard, there are other benefits one can get from content curation, such as recognition as a leader in your niche as target customers and prospective clients discover you. It also helps bloggers to save time because there is no need to create original content, although as a blogger, you still need to post your original content occasionally to keep your prospective clients and visitors engaged. As you get more prospective clients and visitors to your site, the possibility of monetising your site also increases through sponsorships, advertisements, etc.

How can content curation help you monetize your site and earn online? Remember that people prefer to follow information that have been screened and filtered to save time. If your site is chosen as a curator for a specific niche, a huge number of readers will reward you with opt-ins to your emailing list, loyal readership, and recommendations like Tweets, Re-tweets, and Facebook Likes.

Google ranks pages based on their popularity and the number of links, including Likes on Facebook and Tweets on Twitter. It no longer depends greatly on original content. Curation is significantly simpler than original content development as it is easier for people to curate without becoming a hardcore blogger. When done properly, blog posts that have been curated rank equally with original content posts.

Take advantage of content curation and discover the advantaged of its power. There is no better than having one awesome resource compared to 15 different resources. People will use your blog post to seek for information because everything is accessible in one place.

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10 Free Amazing Tools You Should Be Using for Content Creation

I just finished reading “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk and one thing that I came away with was “Content is King.” However, creating  notable content is a challenge if you have not yet tried content writing. Online writing is similar to writing for conventional media. You are still bound to follow the same rules on grammatical structures and tools of impressions.

Here are ten suggested online tools that will definitely help you create better content and write cool articles. These tools will make your life easier because they are simple, easy-to-use and user-friendly.

English Practice is one of the free online tools where you can learn, practice, and improve your English grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills. There are also advanced topics, including IELTS, TOEFL, teaching English, and letter and business writing. The site also offers English newsletter and more tips so that you can learn English online.

SpellCheckPlus is an online tool where you can check your text for spelling. This state-of-the-art tool can also distinguish similar-sounding words, incorrect use of words, capitalization, and other grammatical errors.

Grammarly is referred to as the world’s most accurate grammar checker. This online tool is an automated proofreader that you can also use as personal grammar coach. Grammarly can check your content for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and use advanced grammar rules. You can also find borrowed text and automatically generate references by using this free online tool. Furthermore, Grammarly helps students develop the writing skills necessary to revise their papers.

Dictionary provides reliable, consistent and free online access to definitions, synonyms, and spellings of millions of English words. This tool also offers audio pronunciations, sample sentences, and translations.

Thesaurus is a partner site of Dictionary.com. It has a collection of synonyms and antonyms at its disposal for millions of English words. Basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary is also available to help develop your writing style further.

Google Translate is another free online service that you can use to instantly translate words, sentences, and web pages to 58 different languages. Regardless of the language used, Google Translate provides manageable and valuable information using its supported languages.

Google Docs is a collaboration tool that offers flexibility and productivity because documents, spreadsheet, drawings, and presentations are web-based. You can always access your files online from your desk, on the road, at home, even on your mobile phone. Moreover, users can work and edit the same file at the same time.

You can upload your photos to Flickr , an online photo management that offers free image and video hosting where you can share and embed personal photographs. Many Flickr users have opted to submit their creation under Creative Commons license, where you can search or browse subjects under each type of license.

Writers should not only have high-quality content but original articles as well. Avoiding plagiarism is the basic thumb rule. Plagiarism means copying the contents of an already-published source. Although you can refer to your sources, avoiding plagiarism is very tricky. Taking at least three words in a row from your source is already equivalent to copying. So, how does one check for the authenticity of his online content? Using an anti-plagiarism tool such as Copyscape can help verify if the online content was taken from a published source. You can also use Copyscape to check if somebody is copying your work without giving proper credits to you.

URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator, refers to the address of a website so that they can be located on the World Wide Web, also known as the Internet. Tiny URL is a tool used to shorten very long URLs into short and more manageable ones so that it is easier to copy and paste them.

There are so many other tools that you can use to make your content amazing. If you have other tools that you would like to recommend, feel free to comment below.

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