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App Empire Bonus – The Automatic Appreneur

App Empire BonusApp Empire Bonus: Live Webinar with the LaunchMen Team


The First Time EVER the LaunchMen Have Been on the Opposite Side of the Camera

Hi there,

It’s Lorcan from the LaunchMen. Thanks for stopping by. I would like to take a few moments of your time to let you know of the BONUS THE LaunchMen are offering for Chad Mureta’s App Empire  – The Automatic Appreneur Course. If you’re thinking about buying the Chad’s App Empire course, then read the rest of this page very carefully before you buy…

The biggest and best bonus for App EmpireI have personally looked underneath the hood of APP Empire and can tell you first hand how much value Chad Mureta is packing into his course.

Lets cut straight to it – like Chad we want to offer massive value rather than offering you another shiny object. If you are looking for that here, you are in the wrong place.

We are offering one time access to a private webinar hosted by the LaunchMen. In this webinar we will be discussing critical things that need to be in place for a successful payday on a launch.

We will be covering:

•        How to know if you are ready for a launch?

•        The phases of the launch process

•        What goes into a Launch

•        Positioning

•        Copywriting

•        Launch Video Production

•        Case Study Management

……..and a whole lot more!

Rather than offering you another shiny object, we wanted to offer you value that you can invest in your business for free and that will take you to the next level.

Just in Case you don’t know who the LaunchMen are. We have been responsible for some of the biggest Launches in the last 12 months totalling over $32 million in revenue for our clients. We have worked with some of the biggest names including Tony Robbins, Andy Jenkins, Mike Koenigs, Jeff Walker and now we want to work with you!

Within the webinar we are going to offer a free give away one on one consult to one lucky winner –we’ll pull a name out of the hat from the people who are in attendance on the webinar.

Only 20 Places available.




It’s simple:

Step 1: Clear your browser cookies. If you don’t, we won’t

get credit for your purchase, and that means we will not

be able to give you your bonus. Don’t skip this step!

Step 2: Grab your copy of “App Empire –The Automatic Appreneur” through this link only:

The LaunchMen App Empire Bonus

Step 3: Email your receipt to lorcan@lorcankinsella.com

and I’ll confirm your purchase and send you time and date for access to the Live Webinar with the LaunchMen Team private webinar.

We wish we could offer this bonus package to more than 20

people, but we just can’t. If the link takes you to Chad’s site

site then you’re in luck and the bonus is STILL available.

When the 20 packages are gone, that’s it. After the

bonuses are gone, I’ll replace my link with a “sold out”

page. So take a look at App Empire – Automatic Appreneur and grab a spot.

The LaunchMen

Click here to Go to official App Empire Automatic Appreneur Site

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App Empire Launch – Want to start your own App business?

The much awaited launch of Chad Mureta’s App Empire The Automatic Appreneur is taking place soon. Chad Mureta is the author of the best selling book  App Empire, the founder of Empire Apps and cofounder of T3 Apps and Best Apps. His apps have been downloaded more than 35 million times.

Perhaps you have been contemplating on a business that operates profitably without taking so much of your time. In the same way, maybe you want to get as much productivity from work and yet set aside time for leisure. If all these were possible at this point, you should discover App Empire by Chad Mureta who is launching App Empire Automatic Appreneur

This whole new concept of App Empire from Chad Mureta promises to deliver to us an affordable and functional system that will ultimately make it easier for many individuals to earn cash by capitalizing on their mobile phone’s apps. That is one of their most attractive features. You gain cash while you enjoy what you do. Best of all, you still find time to do other worthwhile activities. Also, you don’t have to be an expert in mobile phone applications because Chad Mureta’s App Empire will guide you step by step.

We all know that mobile phone marketing is gaining worldwide fame at an astonishing rate. Statistics show that for Android and Apple gadgets on their own, billions of mobile applications are been successfully downloaded and used. This would be the equivalent to billions of revenues yearly and still growing. Thus, venturing on Chad Mureta’s App Empire will definitely prove to be a profitable choice. Thorough knowledge of mobile applications technology is not a requirement. There is no hefty amount of investment involved either. Chad Mureta’s App Empire is a simple and cost effective technique in profitability.

Why do we say this? Chad Mureta’s humble beginning in the mobile phone trade is truly inspiring. He ventured in the field of mobile applications with barely ample funds to begin with and yet he armed himself with sufficient determination to accomplish something great. True enough, he succeeded and became known. Now he wants to share his overwhelming success with all of us through App Empire. Find out what Chad Mureta’s App Empire has to offer. Learn how to build your own empire of success with this most up-to-date approach. Be there for the upcoming App Empire Launch!


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