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The Biggest Sexiest Tech Show is Back – WebSummit 2012

Why I am excited, its that date in your calender where Dublin, Ireland shines, as it hosts The Websummit 2012. With Over 200 international speakers and 3,000 plus attendees from 50+ countries will descend on Dublin, October 17 and 18. You’ll meet everyone from seasoned CEOs behind multi-billion euro businesses to startup entrepreneurs and everything in between. You’ll get to see over 250 incredible startups from all over the world exhibiting in their Startup Village, and meet 100′s of international investors and media.

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How to Use Linkedin Infographic 2012

As of August 2, 2012, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 175 million members in over 200 countries and territories. LinkedIn members did nearly 4.2 billion professionally-oriented searches on the platform in 2011 and are on pace to surpass 5.3 billion in 2012.So I said I’d share this infograhic to put you in the picture, on how it all works.

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5 Step SEO Blueprint for Your Website

When it comes to improving your SEO or search engine optimisation, little things can make a big difference. But sometimes it’s hard to find the time — or know where to start. Below I have set out a basic blueprint with the following 5 steps to make sure you have all your SEO bases covered.

Step 1: Check Your Meta Descriptions

Every page of your website should have a meta description. Meta descriptions are short summaries of what can be found on that page. For example, the meta description of this page is: “A checklist of SEO for your website  and how you can improve your search engine optimisation” Meta descriptions show up in search results along with the link to your page.SEO metadescription When you audit your site’s most important pages, make sure you set your meta descriptions and check the following:

  • Your Meta Description is Not Too Long: If your meta description is longer than 150 characters, aspects of it may get cut off by search engines. Make sure your summary is brief  with good keywords to give readers a sense of what they’ll find on the page.
  • Your Meta Description is Unique: Remember, the goal of the meta description is to set the searchers’ expectations about what can be found on that page. Having multiple pages with the same description will not do you any favours.
  • Your Meta Description Does Not Contain the Page Title: Reusing the page title for your meta description is a missed opportunity and can look strange to internet searchers. Instead, use the meta description to elaborate on the theme of your title.


Step 2: Review Your Page Title

Page titles are among the main cues a search engine gets about the content and quality of a particular web page. In the HTML code of your page, your title is found between the <title> and </title> tags. Oftentimes, people assume that the first headline on their page is the title, but to be considered a title in search, it must be between the <title> tags in your page. If you’re not certain, go to the View menu of your browser, and select “View Source.” Then search for title tag. Titles of pages also show up when the page appears in search results as well as in the browser tab associated with it.

As you name your pages, keep in mind the following tips.

  • Make the Page Title Unique: This has similar reasoning to the meta description we mentioned above. If you have multiple pages with the same name (your company name, for example), it will dilute the SEO of your page and may confuse internet browsers.
  • Keep the Page Title Brief: Most search engines only show about 70 characters of a title on their results pages.
  • Don’t Include the Domain Name: Including your domain name in a page title rarely adds value since your domain name is already used in the link. It also tends to take up the character space you should be using for your more useful keywords. If you need to include your domain name in the title, make sure it comes at the end. For example, the title tag on our blog is: SEO Blog| Lorcan Kinsella

Step 3: Optimise Your H1 Tags

Within a web page, your most important headline should get an H1 tag. The headlines of your pages will automatically be given an H1 tag in the HTML.Just make sure that in the HTML version of your website, you include the following:<h1>Headline Text</h1>. Within that headline text, use include the keywords you want the page to rank for in search. The main thing to know about using H1 tags to optimise your web pages is that you shouldn’t use too many of them. Too many H1 tags on a web page can get your page sidelined by Google and other search engines. Ideally, stick to one H1 tag and use <h2> or <h3> tags for all other headers.

Step 4: Make Images More User/Search Friendly With Alt Text

Images add to the quality of your web pages. In fact, you may have noticed that I always include images in my blog posts. But to get the most out of your web pages, every image you use should include what’s called an “Alternative Attribution,” or “Alt Text.”  Alt text is a written version of what appears in the image that displays up whenever the image isn’t able to load for one reason or another. Use your alt text to incorporate keywords, but do so in a way that is understandable and useful.

Step 5: Optimise the Anchor Text of Your Links

We all know how important internal and inbound links are to helping people find your content online. When it comes to search, the text that is hyperlinked, also known as “Anchor Text,” is just as important. Search engines use anchor text to help determine what’s covered on the page that it’s linking to. This is true for external sites linking to your content and for your own internal links. Here are a couple of tips to follow as you’re crafting your pages’ anchor text:

  • Stay clear of “Click Here”: Let’s say you have 100 links to your page about SEO. Knowing what you now know about how search engines use anchor text, would you rather all of those links tell the search engine that your page is about “SEO” or about “click here”? In other words, the best way to handle the anchor text for your page about SEO would be:“Get your free SEO Report
  • Make the First Anchor Text Count: The pros over at SEOmoz conducted some experiments on anchor text and found that if two links are targeting the same URL, only the first link’s anchor text is used by Google. Therefore, if you link to the same page more than once, make sure the anchor text for the first link on the page is well-optimised for your keywords.

Once you’ve completed this 5-step blueprint, you should start to see some improvement in your search engine optimisation and the performance of those pages. Then you can use the same set of steps to improve upon the rest of the pages throughout your site.

Great to hear your feedback.


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Five Easy Fixes To Increase Website Visibility

Many people repeatedly ask me the question, “what can I do to improve my website’s visibility?” Website owners everywhere are scratching their heads, wondering what they can do to ensure their potential clients and customers are able to find their site. Many also pay consultants and internet marketing companies a lot of money to help them get the best Google ranking and increase traffic. However, what many don’t know is that there are many simple changes anyone can do to their website to markedly increase traffic and visibility, and spending very little or no money at all. So, here are the fast five fixes you can do to increase your site’s visibility.

1. Register your domain name . Your business should be recognised as manifested by the number of years you existed by search engines. This will prove its cost effectiveness as well as favorable track records. Search engine optimisation credit will be received automatically for additional time to date expiry.

2. Redirect 301 .To resolve and have a redirect 301 in place. In order to let the search engines know where to allocate the credit you have to make sure that permanent 301 was redirected in place. You will be assured that the SEO credit will be accepted by one site if you resolve it in one place. Ensure to earn the credit you worked hard for.

3. Make a conversion form. Leads give the company an opportunity to make progress. To gather visitor’s information you have to provide a realistic offer with a landing page that can validate your call to an outstanding action. Various opportunities will unfold provided that you have an email address or mobile number.

4. Initiate a business blog. The reasons for blogging are the following:

A. One of the criteria for a search engine to look at  valuable information is indexed pages. Pages are created every time you create a blog post. Likewise it will accelerate additional index pages.

B. In devising content of long-tail key words blogging can be used.

5. Design  inimitable and significant page titles that are rich in keywords. Utilise the best powerful keywords as a start as well as pipes that can segregate the key words. The character between the para thesis is the pipe that indicates the end of thought to the search engines.

The collaboration of search engine optimisation and inbound marketing is of great value. In order to ensure success of your site achieve the tasks at the same time.

Your suggestions are of great value to so please share your experiences that have helped you.



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App Empire Bonus – The Automatic Appreneur

App Empire BonusApp Empire Bonus: Live Webinar with the LaunchMen Team


The First Time EVER the LaunchMen Have Been on the Opposite Side of the Camera

Hi there,

It’s Lorcan from the LaunchMen. Thanks for stopping by. I would like to take a few moments of your time to let you know of the BONUS THE LaunchMen are offering for Chad Mureta’s App Empire  – The Automatic Appreneur Course. If you’re thinking about buying the Chad’s App Empire course, then read the rest of this page very carefully before you buy…

The biggest and best bonus for App EmpireI have personally looked underneath the hood of APP Empire and can tell you first hand how much value Chad Mureta is packing into his course.

Lets cut straight to it – like Chad we want to offer massive value rather than offering you another shiny object. If you are looking for that here, you are in the wrong place.

We are offering one time access to a private webinar hosted by the LaunchMen. In this webinar we will be discussing critical things that need to be in place for a successful payday on a launch.

We will be covering:

•        How to know if you are ready for a launch?

•        The phases of the launch process

•        What goes into a Launch

•        Positioning

•        Copywriting

•        Launch Video Production

•        Case Study Management

……..and a whole lot more!

Rather than offering you another shiny object, we wanted to offer you value that you can invest in your business for free and that will take you to the next level.

Just in Case you don’t know who the LaunchMen are. We have been responsible for some of the biggest Launches in the last 12 months totalling over $32 million in revenue for our clients. We have worked with some of the biggest names including Tony Robbins, Andy Jenkins, Mike Koenigs, Jeff Walker and now we want to work with you!

Within the webinar we are going to offer a free give away one on one consult to one lucky winner –we’ll pull a name out of the hat from the people who are in attendance on the webinar.

Only 20 Places available.




It’s simple:

Step 1: Clear your browser cookies. If you don’t, we won’t

get credit for your purchase, and that means we will not

be able to give you your bonus. Don’t skip this step!

Step 2: Grab your copy of “App Empire –The Automatic Appreneur” through this link only:

The LaunchMen App Empire Bonus

Step 3: Email your receipt to

and I’ll confirm your purchase and send you time and date for access to the Live Webinar with the LaunchMen Team private webinar.

We wish we could offer this bonus package to more than 20

people, but we just can’t. If the link takes you to Chad’s site

site then you’re in luck and the bonus is STILL available.

When the 20 packages are gone, that’s it. After the

bonuses are gone, I’ll replace my link with a “sold out”

page. So take a look at App Empire – Automatic Appreneur and grab a spot.

The LaunchMen

Click here to Go to official App Empire Automatic Appreneur Site

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