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App Empire Bonus – The Automatic Appreneur

App Empire BonusApp Empire Bonus: Live Webinar with the LaunchMen Team


The First Time EVER the LaunchMen Have Been on the Opposite Side of the Camera

Hi there,

It’s Lorcan from the LaunchMen. Thanks for stopping by. I would like to take a few moments of your time to let you know of the BONUS THE LaunchMen are offering for Chad Mureta’s App Empire  – The Automatic Appreneur Course. If you’re thinking about buying the Chad’s App Empire course, then read the rest of this page very carefully before you buy…

The biggest and best bonus for App EmpireI have personally looked underneath the hood of APP Empire and can tell you first hand how much value Chad Mureta is packing into his course.

Lets cut straight to it – like Chad we want to offer massive value rather than offering you another shiny object. If you are looking for that here, you are in the wrong place.

We are offering one time access to a private webinar hosted by the LaunchMen. In this webinar we will be discussing critical things that need to be in place for a successful payday on a launch.

We will be covering:

•        How to know if you are ready for a launch?

•        The phases of the launch process

•        What goes into a Launch

•        Positioning

•        Copywriting

•        Launch Video Production

•        Case Study Management

……..and a whole lot more!

Rather than offering you another shiny object, we wanted to offer you value that you can invest in your business for free and that will take you to the next level.

Just in Case you don’t know who the LaunchMen are. We have been responsible for some of the biggest Launches in the last 12 months totalling over $32 million in revenue for our clients. We have worked with some of the biggest names including Tony Robbins, Andy Jenkins, Mike Koenigs, Jeff Walker and now we want to work with you!

Within the webinar we are going to offer a free give away one on one consult to one lucky winner –we’ll pull a name out of the hat from the people who are in attendance on the webinar.

Only 20 Places available.




It’s simple:

Step 1: Clear your browser cookies. If you don’t, we won’t

get credit for your purchase, and that means we will not

be able to give you your bonus. Don’t skip this step!

Step 2: Grab your copy of “App Empire –The Automatic Appreneur” through this link only:

The LaunchMen App Empire Bonus

Step 3: Email your receipt to

and I’ll confirm your purchase and send you time and date for access to the Live Webinar with the LaunchMen Team private webinar.

We wish we could offer this bonus package to more than 20

people, but we just can’t. If the link takes you to Chad’s site

site then you’re in luck and the bonus is STILL available.

When the 20 packages are gone, that’s it. After the

bonuses are gone, I’ll replace my link with a “sold out”

page. So take a look at App Empire – Automatic Appreneur and grab a spot.

The LaunchMen

Click here to Go to official App Empire Automatic Appreneur Site

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App Empire Review – The Full Review

App Empire – Automatic Appreneur  The Full Review

Hey, Lorcan here.

Thanks for being patient and it’s finally done. So, without further ado…

“Here’s The Most Comprehensive Review Of App Empire Automatic Appreneur on the ‘Net”

No fluff, no filler – Just what you want and NEED to know before purchasing.

Note: This is a review, Click Here to Visit The App Empire Automatic Appreneur  Website.

First of all – What Exactly is App Empire Automatic Appreneur?

App Empire Automatic Appreneur is the latest & greatest product by By Chad Mureta autor of the best selling Book App Empire.

App Empire Automatic Appreneur system shows you step by step exactly how Chad Mureta  developed his first application software called “Fingerprint Security Pro” which instantly became a hit sell in the ever popular App Store. Within the next few years the fresh appreneur created 46 apps which obviously were extremely successful as his apps were downloaded over 35 million times worldwide.

These days, the APP Business is considered very important with the increase of people using mobile devices over PC’s. Harnessing its power, however, is still a relatively new thing and the majority of people are still learning what works and what doesn’t.

Click Here to Go To The Official APP Empire  Website.

Eager to compete in this new arena, Chad Mureta threw his hat in the ring, did his research, cracked the code, and developed a consistent method for building a app empire business. He packaged his knowledge into his book App Empire, which has proved to be so popular and effective that he’s launched the info product App Empire – The Automatic Appreneur.

I have had a first hand look at the course and was very impressed. This course teaches you how you can build your own App business from scratch and Chad will take you on this journey step by step. From what I have seen  it delivers on everything it promises and here’s my take on it:

What I really Like

Excellent instructional materials and course structure: Each lesson from Chad is delivered using topnotch media with multiple videos, note-taking guides, workbooks, assignments, and transcripts. The course takes you gently through the intricacies of building a app business. It shows you what works and what doesn’t, and most importantly explains why things work the way they do so you can grasp key concepts and form strategies and identify app trends.

While taking the course you are developing a business: The way App Empire is structured, you’re taught the theory , then you have the next week to actually put it into practice. This allows you to see the results of your study as you learn. This may sound trivial to some of you, but this is huge. Nothing makes work more motivating than seeing that you’re getting some traction out of your efforts.

Forum Area

No matter how good the instructional materials are, there will come a point when you’ll have some questions about gray areas and emerging trends. Chad has anticipated this and he has facilitated a forum section to answer questions within the members area. He gives honest to goodness advice based on years of experience and expertise, making every session an intellectually fulfilling one.

Bad Points

You will need money to start. This is not a free system, you will need to spend money to make money so to speak. Depending on the market you are in,  it will depend on how much you need to budget for the development of an App. So keep this in mind!

Last Word

All in all, this is the real deal and it provides you with everything you need to know about developing Apps and building a successful App business.

Every Success,


Click Here to Visit The App Empire Automatic Appreneur  Website.

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6 Online Marketing Metrics You Need To Know

Measuring ResultsIn order to survive the competition on the web, one needs to be fierce and aggressive enough to handle every situation that you can be faced with.  If you’re a company owner, it’s natural to want to be included on the list of companies that shows up on the first page of search engine results page.  To be able to achieve this, some companies opt to get help from consultants or through SEO companies. Some companies even make use of PPC advertisements just to gain placement and be seen by their targeted audiences.

For someone who’s practicing digital marketing, it’s important to realise that building, promoting and utilising optimisation via content that has high quality would be among the methods that can help make search rankings better.  So, how can you beat your competition?

The amount of information that you could possibly gain online is enormous and literally endless.  But, you’d be surprised to realise that only a few vital online metrics can provide a way to better understand how your site holds up, relative to your existing competition and realise the things that you can implement to get to the top.

1.  DMoz Rank

SEOMoz gives a score between 1 to 10 – having 10 as the highest – and gauges your site’s authority on links together with its popularity.  It’s important to have the best number and top quality inbound links in order to increase rankings on search engines.

2.  Site Grade
HubSpot has it’s own site grader that computes a website’s SEO readiness to include keyword scans, conversion forms and much more.  The website grader gives you a preview of the overall ranking of your site between a scale of 1 to 100 from which you’d have an idea of how effective you are on driving traffic via practicing digital marketing .

3.  Traffic Ranking
This is one gauge where if you get a lower score, that means you’re better off.  Alexa and Compete Rankings are among the top sought after spots when it comes to traffic ranking.  They measure the amount of traffic you get as compared to other sites online.

4.  Keywords Included in the Top 100
Finding your keywords among the top 100 list is a good sign for you because it means you’re on the top 10 pages or top 100 search.  Being included on this list gives you a better chance of attracting site visitors.

5. Blog Grade
In order to measure the grade of a blog. HubSpot’s Blog Grader compiles a report that shows you recommendations that are actionable and can improve your blog’s effectivity.

6.  Number of Pages Indexed
By using the number of pages indexed by the search engines, you can tell just how well your page is faring. However, it’s important to note that this is sometimes anchored on the structure of your site and doesn’t necessarily mean that the search engines have indexed all your existing pages.

Of course, when you say that more pages have been indexed, that means that you’ve got a higher chance of building links and increasing your rank online.  Assuming that you’re getting blown away by your competition based on the other metrics discussed, it’s likely that they have more pages than you do.  One way to publish more pages for your site is by maintaining a blog.  Each article you get to post online indicates a new portal or page that would allow you to get indexed for an important keyword via good content being shared to your viewers.

Are you getting beaten by your competitors online? You need to do a bit more study in order to learn the why’s and be able to create a strategy for digital marketing that would boost your rank and enable you to gain more visitors, online sales and leads.

What are your thoughts?

Leave a comment.














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Get Your Digital Marketing Plan Primed for Success

Kingstown Digital Marketing College are offering this exciting new five day Digital Marketing Diploma. We have developed this Diploma with leading industry practitioners and experts in their field. Digital Marketing and Social Media are now becoming critical to the success of every business in every field. Knowledge of this are is a must for all business owners, marketers, job seekers, and even customers alike. As the market moves into the digital space, consumers and producers alike need to develop their knowledge and ease of use of these new channels to market.We will teach you how to bring your product market or access new opportunities through the use of our integrated digital marketing strategies.

Course Objectives

The Benefits of taking part in this course are that it will provide you with:

  • FETAC Level 5 (Minor award) Professional Qualification
  • The knowledge to implement new marketing methods to build your business faster
  • The tools you need to integrate digital marketing into your business development and marketing strategies
  • Access to employment opportunities for digital marketing professionals
  • A framework with which to understand and manage your own adaptation and use of digital marketing

Course Content

The following course outline has been developed with the intention of providing the learner with a foundation level of knowledge in the broad range of areas as listed. The emphasis of the course provider may shift or expand to include higher level or additional topics, based on their assessment of the needs and skills of the course participants.

The following topics are included:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)/Analytics
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Banner Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Online Video
For More information Call Kingstown Digital Marketing College on 1890 788  788
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SEO 101: Best 3 On-Page SEO Features that you have to Control

SEO or what we call Search Engine Optimisation had previously been the domain most typically associated with internet specialists and marketing organisations. Nonetheless this hasn’t been recently a fact since at least 2005. The particular secrets of becoming identified on the internet tend to be at the fingertips of the majority of small companies.

Provided here are website components you will need to handle in order to efficiently focus on competent website traffic.

The strongest signal a website could deliver to locate engines is its unique identifier or what is known as the URL. Considering that the URL instantly incorporates your domain name. You ought to finish it along with the best couple of terms that determine exactly what is in the web page.

The Page title

Page title could be the block of text which can be seen on the top associated with a browser window whenever somebody clicks on the URL. A lot of companies boost the risk for misstep of misusing their particular page title by means of duplicating their own brand name and general descriptors. While in fact, you then have an opportunity of boosting your Search engine optimisation with this particular small snippet.

The Headers
Headers on the website page give visible and contextual insights to your audience in regards to the articles they read. Such headers allow a viewer read over the web page in order to acquire the articles that will benefit them. Search engines consider header text a lot more than the remainder of the content material on your own web page.

But merely for the reason that several bolded words seem like a “heading” to people does not imply they appear that way towards the search engines. You will find a unique strategy to “tag” words on your own pages in order that they appear to be headings to search engines as soon as they crawl your own web page. Most up-to-date CMSs will allow you to layout your own textual content to resemble a header into the search engines. When you are creating headings for your personal web pages, make use of specific keywords and make the headings as shorter as you possibly can that will lead your target keywords to acquire highest rank.

You also must make certain to create a blog together with your target audience as well as their probable queries that they might have in mind.

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