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Growing Your Business in 2016 – I Need Your Help!

Lorcan KinsellaOne thing that so many people have asked me over the years – “where can we get a follow up to your digital marketing training?”

You asked, so I am delivering. I am currently building out an exclusive private mastermind group that answers your biggest business and marketing questions.

This is where I need your help! I need to know what your biggest struggles are? What keeps you up at night? I can then customise the information to what you exactly need.

If you take just 2 minutes and fill out this survey it will help me get a better understanding of exactly what it is you need help with.

What’s the benefit for you? I can customise the content to exactly what you need and if I cannot provide it I can reach out to my network to get it for you!

I want 2016 to be your most successful year so look out for my next email.

Really appreciate your help…. it will take just 2 minutes to let me know exactly how I can help you.

Thanks a mil. in advance.

Catch up later.


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Mobile Strategy & Content Strategy Are The Heart of the Plan

Lorcan Kinsella - Digital Marketing ConsultantI can’t believe it was nearly eight months when this video was recorded. I was asked to keynote on The Changing Face of Radio by Learning Waves the leading provider of training for the Independent Commercial Radio Sector in Ireland.

I was asked my predictions for 2015 and what was going to be the key stategies every business. Things have not changed. Once just to reiterate – if you are in business make sure you have a mobile marketing strategy and content marketing strategy at the heart of your business.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Starts Here

Digital Marketing Strategy Templatehave been meaning to do this for a while and just have not got around to it. Many people ask me is there some blueprint for their digital marketing strategy that they can use for their business. I can remember when I was in the same boat. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and didn’t no where to start.

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Top Landing Page Tools to Convert Traffic to Buying Customers

Landing Page ToolsCrazy time, you probably heard through the grape vine that I launched Brand Nova Digital 2 weeks ago, a fully serviced digital marketing boutique. I hate the word “Agency”.I’ll explain why. Well, champagne was drank and certainly a new chapter was opened. But the real reason I am e-mailing you is to let you know of another little project I have been working on. Why so many companies (online businesses) are not making sales for their business.You have the problem, so I went about working out the solution for you.

Most businesses and entrepreneurs I work with struggle with generating leads. Not only generating them, but converting them into subscribers or even buyers. You see, you can have people come to your website ALL DAY LONG but if you don’t get their information or you don’t cover them into subscribers or buyers, then it was a wasted opportunity and a potential loss of revenue for YOU.

So, what is this magical tool that will help you start converting your leads? Landing pages are THE method in creating a relationship with your audience. They help you to grow your brand, build your e-mail list and ultimately sell your products and programs.

They can also be created MUCH easier than you think (no coding required) and have an immense impact on your business financially. Since this is SO huge for the success of your business, I had my team and I go all in and put together a complete guide of THE Top Converting Landing Page Tools.

With this guide you’ll walk away with: The top 20 landing page tools the guru’s use, in-depth review on each tool, pro’s and con’s so you can choose the best option for YOU
You’ll also know exactly what to look for: Effective design, Drag and drop builder, A/B testing,Analytics And more!

My guide will give you the TOP tools and show you EXACTLY what you need to know so that you can make a decision and start converting your leads TODAY!

Now I am going off to watch a great weekend of RUGBY! Hope you enjoy yours.

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3 Tools To Help You Conquer Twitter

Conquer TwitterTwitter is all about efficiency. 140 characters per tweet – this is all you have to express yourself, to promote your idea, to market yourself. Some people love the platform, some people hate it – whatever side of the line you are on,  it is among one of the fastest growing social networks online and being active on it  is a must for every person who wants to build their brand online. In order to be successful, sometimes a lot of enthusiasm and hard work just won’t cut it. Let me suggest some tools that can, indeed, make your twitter life easier.

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