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For every landing page you create, you will have a corresponding Thank You page. Users get redirected to the thank you page after they have subscribed to your services or made purchases through your website. There are several ways in which a Thank You page can boost your sales. Many online entrepreneurs do not consider this possibility and only focus on the landing and sales page.

Your Thank You page must contain a notice for the users to check their inboxes for confirmation and verification links. This is just one of the things your Thank You page must have. There are several bonuses of a well planned and executed Thank You page. Thank You pages have proven to be an excellent source of online revenue generation.

1. Use Bonus Points

You may consider adding some texts with links which are related to your other products or services. These products and offers can lead to future sales of your products and offers. For example, you can put links to sign up for a 10-day free trial of another product or for €1 or $1  limited period trials of your other products and services. These promotional links can generate sales later.

You must also put listings of key bonuses and points on your Thank You page. This allows your users to get quick glances while they are awaiting their verification conformation email. Put in something like, “Please take a look at this additional benefit till your verification/conformation email arrives.”

2. Offer Upgrades At Special Prices

After your visitors have landed on the Thank You page, you may allow them an option for upgrading at special prices. You must test what suits you best. Adding this feature on your Thank You page proves to be an added value for your customers. You can easily add offers which are relevant to their purchases or subscriptions.

For instance if a visitor has purchased webinar packages on marketing, you may put offers for webinars on SEO, or webinar DVDs, which they can keep for future usage.

3. Genuinely Thank Your Buyers or Users

Just placing a huge and flashing “Thank You” on a page is not sufficient. You must spare a few words and clarify why you are extremely grateful to them. You must thank them for finding your offer worthy and taking action regarding it. Even if they have only signed up and not made any purchases, you must treat them like customers. It’s about creating a healthy seller-customer relationship.

4. Adding a Video

Adding a video on the Thank You page is an excellent idea. You can have people from your company thanking users and buyers for choosing your services. Alternatively your video can contain important insights about the product or service usage. You can add additional details about your company and other ongoing offers. This audio video media is extremely useful for boosting your sales.

These are only some of the features that you could use on your Thank You page and increase your sales. Thank You pages need not only be the last impression of your brand but can also be a lasting impression.

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Lorcan Kinsella
Lorcan Kinsella is one of the most sought after Digital Marketing Strategists both in Ireland and internationally, having worked with some of the biggest names in information marketing in the world, including Jeff Walker, Dan Kennedy and Tony Robbins while working with the LaunchMen. He is well known for his innovative and passionate approach to digital marketing with extensive experience in developing, defining the overall marketing strategy. Having set up a number of businesses himself and worked in sales and marketing roles over the past 15 years he understands the challenges of developing an effective social media marketing strategy and ultimately a strong brand in the changing market place of today. In addition he is Moderator of Social Media International which is a sub group of Social Media Marketing which is the 4th largest group on LinkedIn boasting 750k members and founder of Social Media Marketing Ireland. In 2013 he founded Link into Business which is a membership training site for entrepreneurs, business owners, which provides all the up to date strategies in digital marketing and social media.

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