Downloadable Content: Key To More Leads


Downloadable content, often called  DLC, is a digital media (either parts of or the whole thing) which are made available for downloads through the Internet. This term is extremely popular when it comes to the gaming or software industry. Downloadable content is one of the most essential factors for generating leads. In simple terms, offering downloadable content means offering materials free of cost. Downloadable content are presented as means of attracting people and fuelling future sales and leads.

The impact of providing free downloadable content is massive. Several websites and blogs have benefited from this strategy. Several market research experts and professionals believe that this the biggest thing when it comes to generating leads and increasing sales. Downloadable content
is offered in form of downloadable games, tutorials, free demos, trial versions, and several other formats. Several researches undertaken by independent bodies have proven the existence of a strong relationship between downloadable content and more leads.

There are several software and gaming websites which offer contents which can be tried or downloaded free of cost or for free for a limited period of time. This strategy happens to be a key as people are willing to try demos and trial versions which can be downloaded. If they like it, they buy it. If you are selling a product or service which requires huge amount of monetary investment, it would be a smart move to offer some parts of the content which can be downloaded, tried and tested before buyers make a purchase.

Will this work for you? Maybe. According to business studies, there are very few ‘one size fits all’ strategies. This strategy will surely work as 90% buyers are willing to try before they buy. It’s like walking into a store, and getting a sample or a trial size packet of lotion, soap or perfume. Similarly downloadable content means more leads.

After one visitor has tried your product, there’s a big chance that he or she will run to a social media platform and post about it. This will in turn, attract more people who are willing to try the same thing. They will post their experiences with the trial or free content and others will read it. Thus you see the cycle for generating leads and sales is set.

This strategy is used by several websites that sell consumer based products as well. They offer free downloads and coupon codes to generate more sales and leads. There are several visitors who come to your site everyday.  Some of them are extremely needy and some of them are not. Similarly, some of them are ready to buy the product right away, whereas other wish to know more before they go ahead and invest their money.

Starting free trials will give your potential customers a feel of your service and an access to your products. Downloadable content will not only help you amplify your sales but will surely help you build a better seller-buyer relationship.

Lorcan Kinsella
Lorcan Kinsella is one of the most sought after Digital Marketing Strategists both in Ireland and internationally, having worked with some of the biggest names in information marketing in the world, including Jeff Walker, Dan Kennedy and Tony Robbins while working with the LaunchMen. He is well known for his innovative and passionate approach to digital marketing with extensive experience in developing, defining the overall marketing strategy. Having set up a number of businesses himself and worked in sales and marketing roles over the past 15 years he understands the challenges of developing an effective social media marketing strategy and ultimately a strong brand in the changing market place of today. In addition he is Moderator of Social Media International which is a sub group of Social Media Marketing which is the 4th largest group on LinkedIn boasting 750k members and founder of Social Media Marketing Ireland. In 2013 he founded Link into Business which is a membership training site for entrepreneurs, business owners, which provides all the up to date strategies in digital marketing and social media.

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