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Digital Marketing Strategy Templatehave been meaning to do this for a while and just have not got around to it. Many people ask me is there some blueprint for their digital marketing strategy that they can use for their business. I can remember when I was in the same boat. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and didn’t no where to start.
So I went about developing a excel spread sheet where I could idenfity all the core elements of the digital marketing plan for an online business. It was important for me to have it all in one place and that I could work to a plan.

Identifying all tasks on your core platforms including your website, blog, main social media platforms, email strategy, was extremely important for me where it gave me a beginning, middle and end.

So I have included all these elements in one master digital marketing strategy template, I have also linked it to a calendar so it is task driven by time. Feel free to download it and I hope it makes your life a little clearer and easier. Sorry where to get it – you can get it on my home page of my blog , by entering your name and email you can download it straight away!

Free Digital Marketing Strategy Template

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Lorcan Kinsella
Lorcan Kinsella is one of the most sought after Digital Marketing Strategists both in Ireland and internationally, having worked with some of the biggest names in information marketing in the world, including Jeff Walker, Dan Kennedy and Tony Robbins while working with the LaunchMen. He is well known for his innovative and passionate approach to digital marketing with extensive experience in developing, defining the overall marketing strategy. Having set up a number of businesses himself and worked in sales and marketing roles over the past 15 years he understands the challenges of developing an effective social media marketing strategy and ultimately a strong brand in the changing market place of today. In addition he is Moderator of Social Media International which is a sub group of Social Media Marketing which is the 4th largest group on LinkedIn boasting 750k members and founder of Social Media Marketing Ireland. In 2013 he founded Link into Business which is a membership training site for entrepreneurs, business owners, which provides all the up to date strategies in digital marketing and social media.
  • Margaret Moore Sep 28,2015 at 4:41 pm

    Hi Lorcan,
    Congrats with the new Start -up,Digital agency.Looks great.
    I was a student in the Digital Marketing class last year. This is my linkedlin e-mail,the other one is which is full my updates of twitter and courses.
    This is handier to use now. This e-mail strategy will be very useful.
    I can use it for volunteering work I be doing March on Film soon and for my own stuff when I start.
    Thanks again,and best of luck with the start-up,

    • Lorcan Kinsella Nov 11,2015 at 1:00 pm

      Thanks for all the information Margaret. Hope all is good with you. Lorcan.

  • MariAnn Kelly Sep 23,2015 at 9:01 pm

    Thanks Lorcan. I expect it will be very useful.

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