5 Excellent Ways to Promote Your Business Blog


Quality content is the basis of excellent blogging, but intelligent words all by themselves will not generate the required amount of traffic. You may be very consistent with your posts and very good with your words, but your blog has no value if there are no readers or followers. Below are five free and excellent methods of spreading the word about your business  blog and getting more followers:

1. Request Customers and Employees for Extra Comments

You can email your loyal customers and employees and request their comments on your blog posts. Comments will boost your rankings and provide content which is rich in keywords. Blog comments generally have certain important phrases that you may not have considered. Comments also bring with them true social elements. People who write comments more often than not, share those with others or on social networking sites. However, you must not get overly pushy while you are requesting for comments and do not forget to appreciate readers who have given their comments.

2. Write Guest Posts

Star billing on famous  blogs is extremely prestigious, and provides quality backlinks. You must engage in extensive research and target the most famous blogs related to your business. Choose the one which feels appropriate, and offer to write guest posts. This will give you a search engine bump and launch your blog to the host’s audience.

3. Encourage Guest Blogging

Encouraging guest blogging will also open doors for your blogs on the writers’ blogs. It will surely get new followers for your business blog. Encouraging guest bloggers generally produces an excellent backlink. Guest bloggers will always tell their followers that they have written posts on your business blog. If you can get prestigious guest writers, there is nothing like it.

4. Be A Part Of Several Online Communities

Online communities are the goldmine of networking. Find communities which include your target followers, understand what they say, and make your participation felt. However, make sure you don’t blatantly advertise on your blog. You must choose to offer facts which are valuable and become a subject specialist. The best way to promote your  blog on these online communities is to include your blog’s URL as your signature and mention your blog on your profile.

5. Be A Part Of Blog Directories

Bloggapedia, Blog Catalog, and Technorati are some of the famous Internet blog directories. There are several kinds of blog directories that cater to several types of blogs. If your  blog is about culinary appliances, you must find  blog directories which enlist such blogs.

Promoting your business blog using these free and effective ideas will be surely satisfying. Use each one of these strategies, and see the difference that it brings about. You must select two or three approaches and integrate to support your business blog. All you need to do is, invest some amount of dedicated time and effort to get your business blog rolling and generating for you

Lorcan Kinsella
Lorcan Kinsella is one of the most sought after Digital Marketing Strategists both in Ireland and internationally, having worked with some of the biggest names in information marketing in the world, including Jeff Walker, Dan Kennedy and Tony Robbins while working with the LaunchMen. He is well known for his innovative and passionate approach to digital marketing with extensive experience in developing, defining the overall marketing strategy. Having set up a number of businesses himself and worked in sales and marketing roles over the past 15 years he understands the challenges of developing an effective social media marketing strategy and ultimately a strong brand in the changing market place of today. In addition he is Moderator of Social Media International which is a sub group of Social Media Marketing which is the 4th largest group on LinkedIn boasting 750k members and founder of Social Media Marketing Ireland. In 2013 he founded Link into Business which is a membership training site for entrepreneurs, business owners, which provides all the up to date strategies in digital marketing and social media.

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