From the beginning…

Lorcan Kinsella When I went to write this I found myself inadvertently copying what was on my LinkedIn summary and stopped! I did not want this to be another type resume , but a brief summary, where I could connect with you and give you a flavour of how I got involved in digital marketing and how I have grown my business. I believe it is through experience and sometimes the experience of mistakes, (God knows I have made many), that gives us that insight to how business works effectively and successfully.

Le CheileI officially entered commercial life by taking out a lease on a 18th Century Gothic Church and converting it into a fine dining restaurant. Many great nights and experiences took place here. I was also baptised from a marketing perspective. I went through a marketing crash course offline including radio, brochures, business cards, events and online – where I build my first website and took my first steps on how I could market online.

I didnt stay long in the restaurant business, 2 years later, I founded Safecom. Safecom specialised in the provision of 24/7 monitored personal alarms. I used the full force of my marketing arsenal including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Paid Per Click Advertising (PPC) to market this business and did so successfully. I sold this business in 2010.

Social Media at the time was really taking its place as a strategic necessity to market your business. I was fascinated and jumped in feet first. It was here where where I crossed the path of Mars (of the LaunchMen) Burden, founder of the LaunchMen. launchmenI worked along side the LaunchMen as their Digital Marketing Consultant, and in that period worked with some of the biggest names in the information marketing business. This gave me an amazing insight into how to position oneself, build a successful brand and use specific proven marketing strategies to drive traffic and convert that traffic into sales.

I then decided to take all that I learned and set up a digital marketing consultancy and training in Ireland. Since 2012 I have gone on to train over 2,500 professionals through custom trainings from 12 week digital marketing programmes working with leading institutions including the Digital Marketing Institute, Dublin Business School and Griffith College to 2 day intensive lead generation sales funnel architecture workshops for leading brands and agencies.

I am well known for my innovative and passionate approach to digital marketing with extensive experience in developing, defining the overall digital marketing strategy. In 2013, I launched the successful online course “Link into Business” and am relaunching Link into Business 2.0 in October 2015, on how to leverage LinkedIn to generate more traffic, grow your your leads and make more sales.

NovaMore recently, I launched Brand Nova Digital, a fully serviced Digital Marketing Agency. At Nova we believe that by building your brand on credibility, trust and authority coupled with proven strategic good marketing specific to your market — a beautiful experience, based on thoughtful design will out-perform unattractive, “noisy for the sake of it” just about every time.

I am only some of the way along. I have being extremely lucky in the fantastic people I have met and worked with and the knowledge they have shared with me. I look forward to the rest of the journey.